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About Us

Introducing Instaclick Photo Booth

Instaclick photo booth is the fresh, fun and innovative twist to the traditional photobooth, right here in Los Angeles for your next private event or corporate function.

The Instaclick experience begins from the moment you walk onto that red carpet and step in front of those lights. No hiding behind curtains here, nor shying away from public glare – Instaclick is all about being seen and capturing all the fun in the process.

We dare you to be glamourous and flamboyant in front of the cameras. Live the moment – pretend you’re famous, lap up the attention and share it with everyone around you. You become part of the entertainment, while fully immersed in the ultimate red-carpet experience – you’d wish the night would never end!

Forget the curtain

Some will tell you that guests behind the curtain and hidden by the four walls loose their inhibitions and are having more fun – Not so – we’ve found that once guests get in front of our camera – all their inhibitions fly out the window just the same.

Today’s generation have learnt that the camera is an opportunity to express themselves and be creative – people no longer need to hide behind a curtain before they smile, pull a funny face, or do something silly – All you need is a group of friends and a medium to capture the fun and that’s where Instaclick comes in.

Our photo booth

Not satisfied with the traditional photo booth and the limitations it presented to the modern market, Instaclick photo booth threw out the old photo booth plans and started from the ground up.

The result was the Instaclick – an architecturally designed, fully integrated photo machine, delivering all the requirements we need to produce on-the-spot professional photo prints. With a built in an professional grade 12 Mega-pixel DSLR camera and dye-sublimation photo printer and 23 inches touch screen LCD we can provide you and your guests with instant take-home mementos within seconds.

The Instaclick is the sports car of photo booths. Sleek, Stylish and Sexy – it is fast, compact, and ready to impress you and your guests. You’ll appreciate the difference and love the attention.

Go Anywere,Anytime

We’ve designed our Instaclick to be as portable as possible, it’s modular and mobile so we can transport it in most elevators or through a standard doorway. Because of its compact nature, we are able to work with only 8 ft x 8 ft of space, however, we do need a little more for guest flow-through.

While we can place the Instaclick almost anywhere, we do have a few exceptions; and we ask that the booth should be be placed indoors.